Hiring is for the Birds

Every year, millions of people take DISC personality assessments. Sometimes they are taken to satisfy mere curiosity. Other times, they are integrated into an organization’s hiring practices and development efforts. When used properly, a candidate’s DISC profile can help determine job or cultural fit. When used improperly, companies may be screening out potential superstars. There […]

I Wish I Knew This Before…

By Merrick Rosenberg One of most common phrases I hear when I lead DISC training programs or speak at a conference about the DISC styles is, “I wish I knew this before ________.” The blank is typically filled in with statements such as, “I wish I knew this before I got married, had kids, became […]

Personality is a Funny Thing

The other day, I was watching an episode of Big Bang Theory with my wife. Throughout the show, I found myself laughing hysterically. Now I’m not just talking about a quiet chuckle. I was belly laughing out loud. I turned to my wife (who contrasts my Parrot style with her Owl style) and said, “Don’t […]

Opposites Attract

Ask just about anyone whether they would score very differently than their spouse or significant other on a personality test, and the answer will overwhelmingly be “Yes!” As the cliché goes, opposites attract. However, when I ask DISC training participants if they are as attracted to their opposites at work as much as they are […]

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