Merrick’s comfortable style and deep insight can offer unique perspectives on emerging stories and topics of interest to your audience. By linking personality to current events, people will gain fresh perspectives on what is happening.

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Presidential Elections

There has been so much talk about the personalities of the 2020 presidential candidates. It’s time to tap into the wisdom of a personality expert who can provide deeper insights and fresh, new perspectives on how each candidate’s personality impacts their electability.

Merrick Rosenberg has discovered a pattern that shows how personality has shaped electability over the past 84 years in 22 consecutive elections. The pattern is so consistent it will blow your mind.  Understanding this pattern allows Merrick to predict which Democratic candidate has the best chance of beating Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. This pattern has little do with policy and everything to do with personality styles.

How important is personality style in presidential elections and what role will it play in 2020?

Now! It’s 2020 election season and viewers, readers, and listeners are thirsty for anything that helps them understand the candidates.

Americans want to know if Donald Trump is likely to win again, and if not, who is most likely to defeat him.

Merrick Rosenberg, the leading expert on personality and how it impacts success and electability.

Would your audience like to know:

  • How personality has shaped the outcome of every presidential election since 1932?
  • Why Trump’s personality is both his greatest asset and liability?
  • Have we become desensitized to Trump being Trump?
  • Whether character and honesty play a role in electing presidents? (Spoiler alert: no)
  • Is there a certain personality type that always wins, and are there any Democratic candidates who have it?
  • Why Joe Biden is a one-man gaffe machine, and why his popularity may have more to do with his personality than his time in the public eye?
  • What personality trait is Bernie Sanders’ secret weapon and how it could help him defeat Trump?
  • How Elizabeth Warren shares one trait with Trump that makes her appealing, but another with Hillary Clinton that could be her undoing?
  • Why Pete Buttigieg is so darn likable, yet so unelectable against Donald Trump?

Personality in the News

Personality plays out in everything we do, and Merrick Rosenberg can offer a unique perspective on the actions of those in the news. When people make shocking statements, tweet jaw-dropping comments, or do out-of-the-ordinary things, Merrick can get right to the heart of their actions by linking their behaviors to their personalities.

Current Events Story Ideas:

  • On Valentine’s Day, do opposites attract?
  • How to deal with the in-laws during the holidays
  • Is an entertainer’s personality simultaneously the secret to their success and their greatest hindrance?
  • Why a sports star has gotten in trouble for saying something offensive
  • After awards ceremonies, how actors and performers use their personalities to stay relevant

Relationship-Based Story Ideas:

  • How do you raise two children who have completely different personalities?
  • Is your spouse’s personality driving you crazy?
  • Are you imposing your personality on your kids?
  • Is the Golden Rule damaging your relationship with your spouse?
  • How do you talk to your spouse so they hear you?

Business-Related Story Ideas:

  • How leaders use their personalities to drive success
  • Harnessing your personality for career success
  • How to cope with difficult personalities in the workplace
  • Nail your sales pitch to customers who have different personalities
  • How companies create winning cultures by tapping into their founder’s personality

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Interview Merrick about to Discuss the Power of Personality

Interview Merrick about the Impact of Personality on the 2020 Election

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