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Merrick Rosenberg brings his wit and wisdom to the first movie that allows people to watch the four personality styles come to life. Merrick wrote BirdBrains, starred in the film, and even wrote two songs to help people see the personality styles in action.

BirdBrains, Inc. has won 21 film festival awards, including Best Short, Best Original Song, and Best Educational/Training Film. Individuals can rent the film and show it as a training video or Merrick can build the movie into his conference talk, as he shows the 30-minute film in four segments.

Watch the four styles come to life in a day-in-the-life at BirdBrains, Inc.

Which bird are you?


Eagles get results by making fast decisions and making things happen. They are confident and direct.


Parrots exude optimism and enthusiasm. They bring fun everywhere they go and they raise spirits higher.


Doves are powered by the gift of empathy and compassion. They are ambassadors of peace and harmony.


Owls make sure things are done right the first time. They plan, test, and retest to achieve quality results.

See how Merrick reinvented the four styles

The Awards Keep Coming!

The IndieFest Film Festival just selected BirdBrains, Inc. as one of the 10 best movies in 2023. The film also received their Award of Excellence in three categories:

  • Film Short
  • Educational/Instructional/Training film
  • Narration/Voiceover Talent

Global Film Festival Awards

We received more awards from a film festival that received thousands of submissions!

  • Award of Excellence Special Mention for ¬†Educational / Instructional / Training
  • Award of Excellence for Film Short
  • Award of Excellence for Narration / Voiceover Talent

Indie X Film Fest

  • Best Children Short
  • Best Original Song (Personality by Merrick Rosenberg)

WRPN.TV Short, Tight and Loose Global Film Festival Competition

  • Award of Excellence: Original Concept
  • Award of Excellence: Set Design
  • Award of Exceptional Merit: Original Song
  • Award of Exceptional Merit: Voice-Over Talent

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