Merrick Rosenberg and his organization, Take Flight Learning, developed a series of training programs and certifications based on the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl styles. These include the following:

Taking Flight with DISC

This engaging training program makes self-awareness easy as individuals learn to flex their style to the person or the moment. The intuitive nature and “stickiness” of the Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls make the styles simple to remember and apply.

Before attending the session, participants complete the Taking Flight Profile. The report helps individuals understand their strengths, challenges, needs, and potential blind spots.

Throughout this highly engaging session, individuals learn to use the styles to communicate and listen more effectively, provide customized feedback based on the recipient’s style, and understand how they take risks, cope with stress, manage change, manage time, work in teams, and more.

Taking Flight with EQ

The Taking Flight with EQ Training Program is a one-of-a-kind session that links emotional intelligence with style. By infusing the Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls into Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, and Relationship Management, individuals develop the foundation for becoming the best version of themselves.

The program is based on the results of the Taking with EQ Profile, which guides individuals to gain a deep understanding of themselves and others, how they manage their emotions, and how they interact with others.

Get ready to explore the depths of your emotions as you reveal how they drive behaviors, results, and the quality of our relationships.

Team Dynamics

The Team Dynamics training program guides teams to tap into the power of the four styles and become high-performing teams.

The session examines how the team members’ styles create the culture in which they work. Participants will learn about the stages of team development (Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing) and discover how each style experiences each stage. They will examine their team’s progression through the stages and identify the current stage of development.

Teams will learn to use the styles to improve communication, meetings, innovation, managing change, decision-making, and conflict management. The Team Dynamics training program reinforces the knowledge and skills based on the four styles and helps a group be the best it can be.

Chameleon Leadership

Chameleon Leadership teaches current and future leaders to flexibly adapt their style to match the needs of their direct reports. Instead of creating an environment in which they themselves will thrive, managers will learn how to create an environment in which all their people will thrive.

This training program focuses on the core skills needed by all leaders, including communicating effectively, actively listening, leading inclusive meetings, delegating for results, providing meaningful feedback, holding people accountable, managing poor performance, creating an engaging team environment, and coaching your staff.

Chameleon Leadership is filled with activities that allow individuals to experience the styles in action as they develop core leadership skills.

Chameleon Selling

The Chameleon Selling training program takes a fresh approach to sales training, infusing the styles into every aspect of the selling process. The session also includes the revolutionary Chameleon Selling Profile, which provides deep wisdom into how the individual utilizes their style as a salesperson.

The program helps people understand how their natural tendencies help and hinder them throughout the process. From there, they learn how to read a customer’s style accurately. Once they understand themselves and the customer, the session helps them develop the skills to quickly adapt their communication style and sales approach. They will learn how to speak and pitch to anyone of any style. They will also learn how to work effectively with their own team members, so they don’t step on each other’s toes in the sales process.

Activities will teach people to flex to individuals with various roles, including Connectors, Gatekeepers, Advocates, Decision-Makers, and End-Users. Finally, Chameleon Selling will help people learn how to sell to companies with corporate cultures of any style.

Innovating IDEAs

The Innovating IDEAs training program teaches people how to tap into their natural strengths to generate ideas and bring them to life. Before the session, participants complete the Innovating IDEAs Profile to gain a deep understanding of their creativity and innovation.

This program follows the styles through two loops of the IDEA model: The Creativity Loop, which encompasses the inner world of imagination and innovation and relates to the outer world of implementation. They start by cycling through the Creativity Loop as Parrots Inspire new ideas, Eagles Define objectives and parameters, Owls Evaluate every aspect of the ideas, and Doves Arrange the process with responsibilities and schedules. Then, the participants flow through the Innovation Loop as Parrots Involve others to gain buy-in, Eagles Drive the process toward completion, Owls Examine plans, processes, and actions to ensure quality, and Doves Appreciate individual and team contributions.

Innovating IDEAs helps tap into the power of every team member by capitalizing on the four styles throughout the innovation process.

ReDISCovering Conflict

ReDISCovering Conflict helps turn conflict into a constructive force to solve problems and build enduring relationships. Through the Chameleon Conflict Model, participants learn how to read interpersonal cues to understand better how to apply style wisdom to create positive outcomes during conflict.

Interactive exercises engage participants as they experience the underlying components of conflict in action. In turn, they gain the skills to flex their style to match the needs of others.

This course will help participants see conflict as an opportunity for growth, connection, and creative problem-solving. By gaining the skills and insight to look at each developing situation through the eyes of Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls, participants will see the roots of conflict before it intensifies.

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