Who Will Take the White House and How We Know

Americans believe that U.S. presidential elections are about platform and party, but what if those don’t matter? In this fresh take on how we decide which button to push in the voting booth, Merrick unveils the pattern behind the last 22 presidential elections. You’ll discover how every president since FDR used personality to win the presidency and why the losing candidates couldn’t carry the day. Personality Wins will forever change the way you follow the news, watch the debates, and predict the winner.

In this exploration of U.S. presidential elections, you’ll discover the unique characteristics of Eagles (Donald Trump and Franklin D. Roosevelt), Parrots (Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan), Doves (Dwight D. Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter), and Owls (George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon) who occupied the Oval Office. You’ll discover that no matter what is happening in the world and what the candidates propose, nothing stops certain personalities from winning elections.

If you’re wondering who will win the presidency in the next election, Personality Wins has the answer.

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