Master the DISC Styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships, and Your Life

When the four birds flew into Merrick Rosenberg’s conscious awareness, he changed the way people learn about themselves and the people in their lives. In Taking Flight!, Merrick introduced the Dominant Eagles, Interactive Parrots, Supportive Doves, and Conscientious Owls to the world.

Instead of offering yet another clinical analysis of personality (yawn), Merrick captured the four personality styles in an illuminating fable. With a collection of birds guided by an all-knowing chameleon, the characters learn to value each other and appreciate their differences. You will see yourself in the fable and discover how to use your personality to cultivate deeper personal relationships, fully leverage your natural gifts, and increase your effectiveness at work.

Once you shine a light on the four personalities, you will see them throughout your life. When the fable ends, application begins. A series of tip-filled sections provide practical ways to apply personality wisdom to uncover why you click with some people and clank with others. You will learn how to identify the bird styles of the people you encounter and also gain insights into how to interact with them in a way that honors their personalities.

It’s time to let your personality be the secret to your success and happiness. It’s time to let your personality Take Flight!