Every now and again, when conducting a Taking Flight with DISC training program, I encounter a team that consists of members that are primarily represented by one or two DISC styles. It might be a law firm with D attorneys, a sales team of I’s, a customer service department of S’s, or a finance group of C’s.

In many cases, an outlier resides within the team. In other words, this person has a DISC style that is very different from the majority of the team members.

What a fortuitous opportunity! This person offers the team a chance to look at issues from a unique perspective. Undoubtedly, the team jumps at the chance to embrace this person and seek their wisdom when the rest of the team can see a situation in just one way. Right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, these outlier people with different styles are often treated like a virus that must be eradicated. “Kill the mutant” seems to be the rallying cry.

They often don’t mean to discount this person’s opinion.  In fact, they usually don’t even realize that they are doing it.  But when they do, they do so at the detriment of the team…and this person’s well-being, as humans have an innate need to be accepted.

So, the next time you encounter a team member that has a DISC style different from yours, look for ways to value his or her input and thank them for their unique perspective. Embrace the mutant! 😉