Does your boss stress you out?
Does working for your boss stress you out? If so, consider his or her DISC personality style and contrast it with your own.

If your boss is an Owl, he’s probably a stickler for planning and details. If she’s an Eagle, then a big picture focus combined with a rapid fire delegation style will keep you busy. If your manager is a Parrot, the details of that big project will typically be left for you to figure out. If you’re pulling your hair out waiting for your boss to make an important decision that has built-in risk, but also tremendous up-side potential, then you’re probably working for a Dove.
Now, which Bird are you?

Here are some quick hits on how the combination of your style and that of your manager can play out at work:

Eagle and Dove: The Eagle prefers action over excessive planning, and candor over sensitivity. The Dove chooses predictability and calm over chaos, and prefers polite interactions with others. While their strengths can complement each other well, the Dove will probably find the Eagle both hasty and abrasive at times. The Eagle will most likely wish the Dove would be less sensitive to constructive feedback and more willing to take risks in order to improve productivity.

Owl and Parrot: The Owl expects rigorous attention towards processes to ensure quality results. The Parrot is looking for fresh, fun experiences that lead to innovative ideas. Under stress, the Owl will likely find the Parrot’s brainstorming nature to be unrealistic and their work-style lacking in follow-through. The Parrot may feel that the Owl micro-manages every detail to the detriment of creativity and establishing better ways to do things.

Eagle and Owl: Eagles and Owls will find common ground in being task-oriented, but can be at odds with temperament. The Eagle’s fast-paced and direct style contrasts sharply with the Owl’s even-paced and reserved nature. Under a tight deadline, the Eagle will likely lament how slow the Owl is in delivering completed projects. Owls often find Eagles too quick with decisions that lead to mistakes and wasted time, re-doing what could have done right the first time with better planning.

Parrot and Dove: Parrots and Doves share a knack for quickly getting along with others. However, the Parrot’s outsized optimism can lead to risk-taking on a scale that Doves often find to be reckless. Meanwhile, the Dove’s deliberate nature can come across as needlessly ponderous to a Parrot.

Eagle and Parrot: While an Eagle and a Parrot are both outgoing and energetic, the Parrot’s more casual nature may strike the Eagle as not serious enough to command his or her complete trust. The Eagle’s hyper focus on achieving one goal after the next can drain the Parrot’s vitality if celebrating success is not a priority.

Owl and Dove: While an Owl and a Dove both value quieter environments that offer stability, the Owl’s matter-of-fact approach can be off-putting to an Dove. The Dove’s propensity to spend precious time building relationships may strike an Owl as unnecessary, since the work, in their eyes, should speak for itself.

So, what about you and your boss? Thinking about the style contrast that exists between you and your manager can provide a helpful framework from which to improve your working relationships. Use the DISC styles to de-personalize the differences that exist between you and your manager. If his or her behavior pushes your buttons at times, identify strategies that are cognizant of his or her style, and you will be surprised at how easily difficult situations can be resolved or avoided.