One of most common phrases I hear when I lead DISC training programs or speak at a conference about the DISC styles is, “I wish I knew this before ________.”

The blank is typically filled in with statements such as, “I wish I knew this before I got married, had kids, became a manager, or started working.”

I love these comments because it reveals the impact that DISC has had on an individual. When I probe to find out what would done differently, they often laugh and say, “Everything!”

On a personal level, people have told me that they would have had different expectations of a spouse.

Many have even shared that they may not have gotten divorced if they had known the DISC styles. Others have said that they wouldn’t have tried to turn their kids into a copy of themselves. The realization of how often we impose our style on others often impacts people in a profound way.

On a professional level, people have shared that they would have treated staff members differently. I had one Parrot style manager approach me recently to say that she realized that she’s been critical of Parrots throughout her career and has even given them poor performance evaluations because of their interactivity.. She discovered that she didn’t appreciate their contributions.

While many people look back and wished they had learned the DISC styles earlier, it’s not too late to start applying them in your life today. So, starting today, accept who you are completely, accept others for being who they are without any judgment and watch your life Take Flight!